Technological Innovations in Bank of Africa (Uganda): An Evaluation of Customers’ Perception

Abstract: This study sets out to ascertain customers’ perception on the effect of Information Technology innovations or electronic delivery channels in Bank of Africa (U) Ltd. This was prompted by a shift in adoption of new banking technologies in Uganda. A cross sectional survey was used and quantitative, descriptive techniques were employed in data collection process, analysis, presentation and discussion of findings. The data used was primary, collected from the Information Technology employees and customers in selected branches of Bank of Africa (U) Ltd. Descriptive statistics examined the Information technology innovations. Correlation and regression analysis using statistical package for social scientists determined the relationship between Information technology innovations and service delivery. The research based on management innovation theory of services by (Voss et al. 1992).

The results indicate that technological innovation or electronic delivery channels have contributed positively to the provision banking services in Bank of Africa particularly Automatic Teller Machines and internet banking. The research covered one commercial bank among sixteen. Covered mainly customer perception. Future research to cover more than one commercial bank for comparison purposes.

For banks to remain competitive there is considerable need to be innovative by adopting and diffusing various Information Technology innovations. Managers of banks will benefit from the study because faced with the current competitive, turbulent and unpredictable banking business environment, continuous, fundamental and lasting system wide change in management and innovativeness are critical. Financial transactions of clients are more with Automatic teller machines than with employees of Bank of Africa. Automatic Teller Machines have shielded human contact. Clientele of Bank of Africa have increasingly appreciated and adapted to use of Automatic teller machines and internet Banking which has improved on service delivery.

Keywords: Information Technology, Innovations, Service delivery

Moya. M., Balunywa, W. and Nanyuma, R. (2010) Technological Innovations in Bank of Africa (Uganda): An Evaluation of Customers’ Perception, Anthology of Abstracts of the 3rd International Conference on ICT for Africa,March 25-27, Yaoundé, Cameroon. Baton Rouge, LA: International Center for IT and Development.


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