Perceived ICT Facilitation, Employee Competences and Performance of MFIs in Uganda

Ugandan populaces of over 30% continue to leave under abject poverty despite having MFIs to help alleviate the situation. This study therefore focuses on the relationship between Perceived Information Communication Technology facilitation, employee competences and performance Microfinance Institutions in Uganda.

A quantitative cross-sectional survey design was used with focus on the perceived information communication technology facilitation, employee competences and performance. A Statistical Package for Social Scientists was used to generate Zero order correlations for degree of relationship and multiple regression model for prediction of performance.

Results showed positive relationships between Information Communication Technology facilitation and employee performance implying that performance of MFIs would be enhanced with improved perception of Information Communication Technology and improved employee competences. The research covered Micro Finance institutions around Kampala city. Future research on Information Communication Technology and performance of Micro Finance institutions should be conducted across the whole country.

Therefore Microfinance firms should endeavor and rely more in developing and nurturing and exploiting optimally employee and skills and also improve on the perception about the value of Information Communication Technology if they are to continuously improve performance in terms of portfolio quality loan recovery and outreach. MFIs especially those in tier four, mostly SACCOS should work towards transforming into regulated financial institutions, so that they can establish standardized policies and procedures related to ICT, employees competences requirements and performance and capital financing so that they can truly promote their dual mission of serving the ultra poor. Train in modern ICT all productive staff in marketing and operations continuously advising on the value of embracing ICT in all their operations. This will lower costs of operations, increase output and attract a better and sustainable market.

They should specifically according to this study harness planning, monitoring, control and evaluation skills of their employees.

Keywords: ICT, Competences, Performance

Moya, M., Akodo, R. and Wanda, R.D. (2010) Perceived ICT Facilitation, Employee Competences and Performance of MFIs in Uganda, Anthology of Abstracts of the 3rd International Conference on ICT for Africa,March 25-27, Yaoundé, Cameroon. Baton Rouge, LA: International Center for IT and Development.


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