ICT Approach to Empowering Businesses in Africa

Corresponding email: vekasif@yahoo.com

Abstract. Information and communication technology (ICT) has a great impact on the way the global economy is currently undergoing fundamental transformation. Modern businesses are not possible without the help of ICT which plays a significant role in their operations and is considered to be indispensable for their survival and growth. This paper attempts to provide a solution to how ICT service providers and practitioners in Africa should ensure that they provide businesses with ICT solutions that will help meet particular business needs by using an interaction design approach.

The results indicated that locally-built software for particular business needs were more valuable to the business operations than imported software. Good examples of software uncovered here are the Pastel and Odyssey software in South Africa. This paper brings a new perspective to how the ICT sector in most of Africa should address business needs in order to provide solutions that serve purpose and value.

Keywords: Information and communication technology, micro-enterprises, e-business, e-supply chain, ICT solutions, Africa.

Formunyuy, V.S. and Wet, L. (2010) A Unique and Innovative ICT Approach to Empowering Businesses in Africa, Doctoral Consortium of the 3rd International Conference on ICT for Africa, March 25-27, Yaounde, Cameroon. Baton Rouge, LA: International Center for IT and Development.


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