A Mobile Phone Platform for Online Learning And Interaction in Nigerian Universities

Abstract. A College Portal (CP) is one of the technologies developed to run on the internet platform for the purpose of carrying out varieties of services that can be accessed by students. Such services include online admission process, online school fees payment, online clearance and eligibility processing. Nowadays technological advancement has shift into a concept known as mobile technology e.g. mobile learning and mobile banking which permit the use of mobile phones or other handheld devices such as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and Palmtop to carry out electronic transaction’s on the move. In view of this, this paper presents a concept from a research-in-progress study called Mobile College Portal (MCportal) that will run on mobile phones as an application, using Java Multimedia Edition (JME), the mobile portal links the existing portal with MYSQL database and the portal contain some features or services that are currently not in the existing one i.e. Result Checker, Assignment download and Submission link, Time Table Checker Link, payment via the Short Message Service or General Packet Radio System, (GPRS).

Keywords: MCportal, Portal, Wireless Application Protocol, Mobile Phones, GPRS and SMS

Sadiq, F.I. and Chiemeke, S.C. (2010) McPortal: A Mobile Phone Platform for Online Learning And Interaction in Nigerian Universities, Doctoral Consortium of the 3rd International Conference on ICT for Africa, March 25-27, Yaounde, Cameroon. Baton Rouge, LA: International Center for IT and Development.


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