Cyberspace Across Sub-Saharan Africa: From Technological Desert Towards Emergent Sustainable Growth?

Over the past three decades much of the continent of Africa, and especially the Sub-Saharan region, has been viewed as technological desert [8]. Spanning over 24 million square kilometers from the Sahara in the north to the Cape Verde in South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa comprises 49 countries and is home to 659 million people [12]. With her many problems of hunger, epidemics, war, and other related socio-economic problems, the diffusion of the Internet might be the last thing to be associated with Sub-Saharan Africa. While much research has been published on the status and impact of Internet diffusion in other regions of the world [1,2,3,4], little is found in mainstream journals on the diffusion of the Internet in Africa [5], particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. An update of the status of the Internet is thus in order, along with a discussion of some inhibitors and contributors that appear to shape the diffusion of the Internet in this region.

Mbarika, V., Jensen, M., Meso, P. (2002). Cyberspace across Sub-Saharan Africa: from technological desert towards emergent sustainable growth. Communications of the ACM, 45(12), 17-21.


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